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About Us | Cimmeria Publishing House


Cimmeria Academic Publishing House is an international project. It was founded in 2018 by a group of archaeologists, historians and anthropologists, fellows of the university and its international partners.
From its beginnings, this academic publisher positioned itself as an international and supranational project aiming at promotion and development of research in archaeology, history and cultural anthropology through publication of high-quality research papers. 

The main and leading project was and still remains a well-known today international scientific journal Materialy po arkheologii i istorii antichnogo i srednevekovogo Prichernomor'ya, Proceedings in Archaeology and History of Ancient and Medieval Black Sea Region.

Each title is produced in close cooperation between the author and scientific and technical experts. The level of experts, the professional environment, high publishing standards assure quality, deadlines and visibility in the academic world. Our titles are present in leading libraries of western and post-Soviet countries, international scientometric databases and in collections of many international booksellers.
Cimmeria Publishing prioritizes high level of publications, compliance with international standards and ethics of scientific publications.