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Procedures for Submissions


1. You will be informed that your submission has been received (usually by email);
2. Within a month, the editors will inform you on whether your submission is accepted or not (with due explanations in the latter case, based on reviewers’ assessments), or whether it requires certain improvements;
3. The editors shall reserve the right to reject any submission that does not meet the requirements or the subjects of the journal / collections of scientific articles;
4. You will receive a proof (in .pdf format) of your paper for endorsement. Please note that only such amendments shall be accepted at this stage, which do not make any major changes to the layout;
5. Once your submission has been accepted for publication, no further additions or changes are admitted;
6. The submission date is the date when the final version of your paper is approved for publication by the editor;
7. In some cases a publication may be postponed due to the overflow of submissions to the respective volume.